Compassionate Urgent Care for Pets in Sarasota

Whether you're concerned about your cat's behavior or you think your dog swallowed something they shouldn't have, it can leave you questioning what steps you should take. At Sarasota Veterinary Services, we're proud to provide skilled urgent care for pets of all ages. Our skilled and knowledgeable veterinary team, led by Dr. Nico Caceres and Dr. Aldo Wilson, will work hard to help your pet get back to feeling their best.

From diagnostic imaging to same-day surgeries, our Sarasota veterinary practice is here for you. Whether your pet is a patient of record or not, you can rest assured we'll treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve. To help improve the accessibility of our urgent care services, our office is fluent in English and Spanish. Call or visit our office today to get your pet the professional care they need!


Urgent vs. Emergency Veterinary Care

Although urgent and emergency veterinary care may seem similar, there are distinct differences that separate them. By understanding what each type of veterinary care encompasses, you can potentially save yourself time and money. Our urgent veterinarian and their team are here to break down what makes either type of veterinary service unique to help you make better-informed decisions.

  • Urgent Veterinary Care: If your pet is either sick or is dealing with a minor health issue, urgent care may be best for them. Typically, urgent care patients don't require immediate hospitalization and aren't suffering from a potentially life-threatening problem.
  • Emergency Veterinary Care: Emergency vet care is typically reserved for pets that are dealing with complex health issues that may require immediate hospitalization to stabilize them. For example, if your cat or dog was hit by a car and suffered multiple broken bones, emergency care would be the better option for them.

Our Quality Urgent Care Services

When you bring your pet in for urgent care, we'll begin by asking you various questions about their health and behavior. Does your pet have any preexisting conditions like diabetes or heart disease? Has there been a significant gap between their previous and most recent veterinary checkup? Is your pet unusually lethargic? From there, we'll get a better sense of your pet's general condition with a detailed wellness exam.

During your pet's wellness exam, our team will look at their eyes, teeth, skin, and gait. We may also have to anesthetize your pet to get detailed x-rays images of internal structures like their stomach, limbs, or throat. Finally, we'll create a personalized treatment plan that details what we'll immediately do for your pet and any continued services like pain medication or antibiotics. In certain situations, our urgent veterinarian may recommend same-day surgery.

Providing Same-Day Surgeries for Pets

Depending on your pet's unique circumstances, we may have to perform surgery to address their issue. Luckily, as part of our urgent care for pets, we provide same-day surgeries to get to the source of your pet's problem as soon as possible. It's important to note that if certain issues aren't addressed through surgery, they can progress into potentially life-threatening situations. For example, if your pet ate something that they're unable to pass on their own, it may simply manifest itself as minor discomfort at first. However, without surgical intervention, the object could puncture their gastrointestinal tract and cause internal bleeding.

At Sarasota Veterinary Services, we'll work to make your pet's surgical experience with our office as stress-free as possible. Once we've identified the source of the issue through x-ray imaging, we'll move quickly to perform surgery and get your pet on the road to recovery. You can rest assured that our team will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your pet following their surgery, like how to clean their incision site and how to manage their pain.

Your Skilled Sarasota Urgent Veterinarian

If your pet is facing an urgent health issue, it can leave you with more questions than answers. At Sarasota Veterinary Services, we proudly provide time-tested urgent care for pets, including cats and dogs. Our experienced veterinary team will work to get to the source of your pet's health problem and give them the treatment they need. Whether your pet is sick or they have a minor injury, our team is here for them.

You can breathe easy knowing that your pet is in good hands and will be treated like family at our office. Although it may not be possible, depending on the situation your pet is in, we highly recommend that you call ahead to our office before bringing them in. By alerting us ahead of time, it allows our staff to prepare for your pet's arrival. Call our Sarasota urgent veterinarian today to get your pet the professional care they deserve!